Wife, 38, who was ‘addicted’ to her cheating husband dies of an overdose.


Wife, 38, who was ‘addicted’ to her cheating husband died of an overdose after she was sent naked pictures of him and her friend.

Sarah-Jane Cunningham (pictured), 38, was devastated after her husband Stuart’s mistress – her former friend – reportedly sent explicit photos of them together. She was left heartbroken by the affair and confided in her friend Teresa Church in a phone call the evening before she died at home on July 23 last year. Mrs Cunningham, who suffered from ‘severe anxiety’ was admitted to hospital following overdoses in October 2015 and 2016. She spent three nights in hospital after the second overdose, before being released and taking her fatal overdose the next day. A mental health worker said Mrs Cunningham’s death was a ‘cry for help’ following three bereavements, including her father in 2008. Her sister, Kim Dodd, 37, said Mrs Cunnigham had ‘destructive’ relationships with her husband and alcohol.