Weightlifter and former NYPD officer known as White Rhino ‘shoots himself dead’ after he was pulled over by the FBI in connection with a quadruple murder

Gerard Benderoth (pictured above), 48, killed himself as officials approached his vehicle during a traffic stop near Stony Point, New York, on Wednesday morning, several sources said. Law enforcement sources cited Benderoth’s close friendship with former Westchester County officer Nicholas Tartaglione, who was charged with a quadruple murder in December last year. Benderoth, who was once filmed hoisting an 800-pound barbell, decided he wanted to be ‘big and strong’ aged 13 after watching Conan The Barbarian. As part of his typical diet, he would eat a dozen of eggs in one sitting, drink a beer as soon as he woke up – but still enjoyed a 3am Dunkin’ Donuts run. His career in law enforcement included more than 10 years at the NYPD, during which he was a 9/11 responder.