Tragic: Big game hunter is crushed to death by an elephant after he shot the animal and it fell on top of him in Zimbabwe

South African safari leader and big game hunter Theunis Botha, 51, crushed to death Friday afternoon when an elephant was shot and fell on top of him in Gwai, Zimbabwe. Botha was out hunting with a group when they came across a breeding herd of elephants and started shooting. They spooked the animals, causing the elephants to start to run at the hunters. One of the elephants is then said to have picked up Botha with its Trunk. A member of his group shot the elephant, hoping it would let Botha down. Instead, the wounded and dying animal fell on top of him, agonizingly crushing him to death.

Theunis Botha (pictured right with his wife, Carika), 51, was hunting with a group in Gwai, Zimbabwe, when they came across a breeding herd of elephants.

Botha is survived by his wife Carika and their five children, all who live in Tzaneen, South Africa.

Carika is expected to make the trip to Zimbabwe in the next few days to identify her husband’s body and then bring him home.