Tragedy as mom, 30, beats cervical cancer during pregnancy only to die from heart failure one day after giving birth to twins

  • Mother of two, Jamie Snider, beat an aggressive and rare form of cervical cancer
  • The cancer came back after she discovered she was pregnant with twins
  • She had treatment and chemotherapy during her pregnancy and the cancer went into remission 
  • The babies, Camila and Nico, were born premature at 33 weeks by C-section – after the birth she had a radical hysterectomy 
  • Snider died a day later – on March 16 – of heart failure in Fresno, California 

Babies Camila and Nico were born at 33 weeks but are healthy; a friend says Jamie got to hold them before she died

A mother who beat cancer during her pregnancy with twins gave birth to them only to die a day later from heart failure.

Courageous Jamie Snider, 30, of Fresno, California, had treatment and chemotherapy for a rare, aggressive form of cervical cancer throughout her pregnancy with twins, according to ABC 7.

But after having a C-section and radical hysterectomy on March 16, Snider passed away the next morning after her heart failed.

Snider had already beaten the cancer once, losing an ovary in the process. But she was then surprised and delighted to find herself pregnant with twins.

Already mom to two young daughters, Aubrey and Maddie, Snider was prepared to kick cancer’s butt once more.

Jamie Snider was already a mom to two little girls, above. The newborns will live with their father and his family when it is safe for them to travel

She had intensive treatment at the Stanford Medical Center throughout the pregnancy. The cancer went into remission once more.

Last week, she posted a photo of herself on Facebook, smiling and optimistic about her future and that of her babies.