Three (3) Special Secrets to making your Relationship last!

To begin with, Finding love is no easy task, but helping other people meet that special someone can be even harder. Today’s “modern matchmakers” have a lot to consider when setting people up in the hope of sparking connections that truly last.

There are, however, a few tricks to this trade.

Some professional matchmakers when asked had this to say about the secrets to lasting, fulfilling relationships. Here’s what they said.

  1. “Chemistry is the ‘cement’ that keeps it together.”

Life involves a lot of ups and downs and sometimes in betweens,” “Chemistry is that cement that can help keep it all together. It’s not something you have to define, but it definitely has to be there … The chemistry factor is crucial.”There simply has to be that chemistry between you two else there is NO true lasting relationship.

A study published in the Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science found that when couples reported being “very intensely in love,” physically affectionate behavior was the top factor, even more so than the frequency of sex. Acts like hugging and kissing releases oxytocin, which is sometimes called the “love hormone” because it promotes feelings of closeness and bonding.

2. Understanding that different personality traits most times fit better

When it comes to long-term compatibility, one must focus on how personalities fit together.In a relationship, when one person is more vivacious and outgoing, the other should be more supportive and introverted.This makes for a better stronger bond. People with big personalities often look for someone similar to them in that way, They forget that dynamism isn’t always successful.

Some people have these very vivacious personalities, they’re sort of the life of the party, and they want somebody just like them, but we find that, that doesn’t work very well.Typically, their best match should be that confident, more introverted type that adores them and is there supporting them. It’s that person that should be their inner strength.

3. Saying only what needs to be said

While conversation can be an important way to make sure you’re in tune with your partner, some things are best left unspoken. There’s just too much talk going around everywhere . This talking over every little thing most times kills the fun. Just be quiet and enjoy one another. Oh my god, no wonder people break up left and right, they just talk the thing to death.It’s important you learn how to keep things inside till you can get over saves your relationship the stress and trauma of misunderstandings and misconceptions to say the very least.


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