The Ethiopian tribe where women place THORNS under their skin as a sign of beauty… while the men scar themselves to mark the rivals they have killed

Pic By HotSpot Media – INTIMATE PORTRAITS OF ETHIOPIAN TRIBE – IN PIC – A member of the Suri tribe, of the Great Rift Valley, southwestern Ethiopia and Sudan. – A German photographer has travelled to southwestern Ethiopia to capture intimate portraits of the traditional Suri tribe. 40-year-old Mario Gerth toured Africa over a period of seven years, allowing him to visit a number of countries, including Kenya, Ethiopia and Angola.During his latest travels, Mario witnessed the fascinating cultural lifestyle of the Suri people – a far cry from modern western civilization. From elaborate, flowery headwear, to heavy scarring and lip plates

In this remote Ethiopian tribe, members undergo extremely painful rituals including lip plates, scarification and dangerous stickfighting. The Suri tribe inhabit the mountains of the Great Rift Valley in the plains of south-western Ethiopia and pride themselves on the scars they carry. Photographer Mario Gerth, 40, visited the Suri people and captured intimate portraits of the self-sufficient tribe.

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