Teenager, 15, was found hanged in his family’s garden ‘after his parents confiscated his iPad to stop him going to bed so late’

Ceri Sheehan, 15, took his own life after arguing with his parents about them confiscating his iPad

Ceri Sheehan had argued that he needed to keep his iPad but gave it up before going to bed, something his father Michael Sheehan said was ‘not unusual’. But Mr Sheehan found his son dead in their garden the next day after receiving a message from one of his friends, who was worried about him. Ceri had kept hold of his phone and told his friend that he ‘had something to finish’ before going out to the garden, where he hanged himself at the home in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Ceri’s father found him dead in the garden of their home in a tree-lined street in St Slbans.