Strange!! A Pizza that induces child birth?

An Italian food outlet that specialises in making spicy pizza has been laughing all the way to the bank, as pregnant women and their spouses confess that eating the pizzas catapults them into labour almost immediately they taste it.

Many of the customers who believe that spicy foods help overdue mums to give birth, regularly chooses curried pizza, being one of the hottest spices on offer.

The pizza house, Hawthorne’s, have been serving the variety that customers lovingly refer to as ‘The Inducer’.

The particular pizza has a growing reputation for sending expectant mothers into labour.

The Inducer, a Buffalo wing pizza sold at Hawthorne’s New York Pizza and Bar in Charlotte, North Carolina, is quickly gaining status for being hugely effective.

The pizza is on the restaurant’s special menu. It features “medium-hot Buffalo sauce with chicken and mozzarella cheese.”

According to locals, the dish has sent multiple women into labour, and three women claim they all gave birth after eating the pizza, or while eating it.

The most recent is Henley Schmiedel. She was “just done with her pregnancy,” so her girlfriends urged her to try The Inducer. She did, and, within hours, she was rushing to hospital.

Henley’s story has somewhat cemented the pizza in pregnancy folklore.

The pizza saw its first glimmer of a wider trend with Ali Aldrich, who gave birth after dining at Hawthorne’s in 2010.

Then came Kristin Kogan, who said that her waters broke after just a slice.
Restaurant owner, Michael Adams, said: “I think it’s amazing. When the first person posted that our Buffalo wing pizza induced their labour, several new mums followed up to say the same thing.

However, the National Health Service in England says there are no scientifically proven ways of triggering labour.

“There’s no evidence that spicy food has any effect on when labour begins.

“Pregnant women who are ready to have their baby often look for ways to encourage their body to go into labour.

“Some people theorise that spicy food causes contractions by stimulating the digestive system. There is no scientific evidence to that effect.” NHS warns.