Shocking pictures emerge on social media showing teens pouring beer down throat of a baby alligator

  • South Carolina authorities say arrests are imminent as they investigate incident where teens are seen forcing baby alligator to drink beer
  • Half-dozen photos of the animal abuse were posted to Snapchat, prompting anger on social media
  • Outraged social media users then alerted authorities, who began investigating 

Authorities in South Carolina have launched an investigation of an incident in which a young alligator was forced to drink beer, it was announced on Friday.

Images of what appear to be young people holding the mouth of the animal open as they pour beer down its throat made the rounds on social media, prompting outrage.

The names of the individuals involved have yet to be publicized and arrests are expected, according to the Charlotte Observer.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources said on Friday that it was aware of the incident and that it was investigating.

The names of the people involved are being withheld because of the possibility that they may have included minors, authorities said.

The shocking photographs which were posted on Snapchat show an 18-to-20 inch alligator being held by an individual as its jaws are forced open.