See what this naughty 7 year old boy did……

7-year-old boy writes fake letter from teacher so he can play more video games.

One 7-year-old boy was so desperate to have more time to play video games that he hatched a master plan.

Nathan Anderson decided to pen a fake letter to his mom, Lori, pretending to be his second-grade teacher at Black Ridge Elementary School in Eagle Mountain, Utah.

The hilarious handwritten note read: “Dear parents, Nathan has been doing good in all his classes, [except] VIDEO GAME CLASS! If he does not stay up all night playing video games, He will get kicked out of school!!!”

“Start letting him stay up all night, and start tonight,” the letter continued. “He can play anything: computer, Wii, iPod, iPad, phone & any other elekctronick [sic]. from, The school.”

Lori Anderson, 30, told ABC News she discovered the note after she returned home one day back in March and could “barely resist laughing because I wanted to see what he would do.”

The mother of two said she asked her son, “‘What’s this all about?’ And I could see the little wheels turning in his head. He was trying to decide if he could get away with it or not.”

Luckily for Nathan Anderson, his letter worked.

“He did get to stay up a half-hour later,” his mother said. “I thought it was pretty clever.”

Nathan Anderson told ABC News there was only one reason why he wanted to play more video games.

“I love to play with my family,” he added.

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