See what the Incredibly funny & Hilarious ‘Mr Bean’ drives in Real life!!

”LESSON OF LIFE”- ‘All is NOT what it seems!’

This picture regardless of how funny or striking it may be to most people is thought-provoking and has taught me a few things about LIFE. Mr Bean ‘Rowan Atkinson’ to most folks is just a Clown, a mere man, a joker and at face value appears to be someone that doesn’t take life seriously.This is evident in his comedy movies, sitcoms and crazy jokes.But that didn’t define who he really is or who he is worth in real life.

From this picture I have learnt :

  • To Start Small and strive till i get to the TOP
  • That All you see is NOT all there is
  • That all is never what it seems to be
  • That even if they laugh at you, as long as you keep believing in what you are doing, someday you will get to where you want to be.
  • That Little Beginnings are Great,funny, stressful, Confusing but in the end Rewarding
  • That Hard work , Commitment and Dedication pays.

This is Inspiring!