See this Mind-Blowing feature your iPhone has that you never knew!

Your iPhone has a secret feature you probably never knew about. Apparently iPhones are like a deep sea of exciting secrets that are slowly revealed when our minds and hearts are ready to know about them. And this feature is one of those exciting secrets.

Your iPhone has a magnifying glass! The feature was rolled out with Apple’s iOS 10 update back in September. It was designed as a visual aid for people who need it, but can obviously also be used by anyone who might need to see something super close up — like detectives and spies. 

Finding it is simple: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility. From there, locate “Magnifier” and turn it on. Once it’s in the “on” position, you can access it by triple-clicking the Home button. To exit, press the Home button again.

Magnifier mode allows you to zoom in and out on objects, change brightness, and change the color of the filter, which can help with visibility. There are White/Blue, Red/Black, and Yellow/Blue colored filters. 

While the feature can be extremely practical and beneficial for people with low vision and other visual disabilities, it can also be used to zoom in on things that you just need to see better.