See The Two Most Important ”Items” That Define Any Successful Relationship

What’s the secret to maintaining a happy relationship?

What makes healthy relationships differ from couple to couple,Is it the way and manner the partners treat themselves, the gifts they share, time spent together or those long holiday trips to dream places they have both talked about or desired to go? what is in a Healthy relationship?How do you keep it going strong?

It turns out there are two key ways to safeguard your bond.Two essential Key Items that are needed to build and sustain any Successful Relationship.

Robert Epstein of South Pacific University,Fiji conducted a study to find out what they were.
The 2013 report found that there are actually seven key skills required to create a strong and happy relationship and they are; communication, life skills, self-management, knowledge of your partner, sex, stress-management and conflict resolution.
But, after repeating it last year, Epstein discovered that out of these seven, two mattered the most.

The study concluded that the secret to a healthy relationship lied in mastering communication and increasing your knowledge of your partner.


This might sound obvious but, after quizzing more than 2,000 adults, the study revealed that those who scored high in these two skills-mastering communication and increasing your knowledge of your partner were the most satisfied with their partners.
It also found that by mastering these two specifically, the rest of the skills improved as a result.

So, how do you go about this,what should you begin to do?

When it comes to communication, you should try to avoid phrases like “You always” or, “You never”, as these can be hurtful to your spouse. Instead, voice your concerns mindfully by using statements like “I feel disrespected when…..”
This way, your partner won’t become defensive and feel like the one to blame.

Similarly, knowing the person you’re in a relationship with goes beyond the obvious. It’s not always about remembering things like their favorite movie, favorite meal,or anniversary dates but instead, a knowledge of what makes them feel loved.

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This is why communicating is so important because, once you understand the other person’s love language you can make them feel more content in your relationship.
Whether it’s verbally saying, “I love you”, or giving them your undivided attention, an awareness of what your partner needs to feel loved is key in your relationship.

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