See The Reason This Woman Has “Decided” to Stay Pregnant For 260 Weeks

Lauren has been pregnant since 2012 . . . with the same baby, because she can’t afford to take time off work from her job that doesn’t have paid leave . . . so she’s just decided to stay pregnant until she racks up enough vacation days to have a baby.

280 days. That’s the length of a normal pregnancy. 40 weeks. Does that sound like a long time to you? Because it really is. Morning sickness, tender breasts, you’re peeing all the time, you’re exhausted almost constantly, sometimes dizziness… And this all persists for 40 weeks. So you’re probably wondering why in the WORLD someone would CHOOSE to stay pregnant for as long as 260 weeks. That’s almost 7 times longer than the average pregnancy. But when you find out why this woman chose to stay pregnant as long as she did, -Which is to ‘gather enough vacation days’ you’ll see the true importance of the message.