See Some of the Worst Mistakes young People make in Job Interviews

Employers interview hundreds of young job applicants yearly.Some of them Seem Smart and Accomplished, ready to take a shot at life while others show high levels of laxity and unseriousness.

But … young people are human, too. They make mistakes too.

What follows are some of the real-life errors young people make while looking for a suitable job for themselves.


1. Showing up an Hour early

It may seem like a good idea to show up early, but it puts pressure on the interviewer to meet with you. A time was set for a reason. You should never be late, but five or ten minutes before the time is enough for showing up in advance.

Tip: Find a nearby eatery and hang out there until your interview time.

2. Not bringing a printed CV to your interview

Bring a printed copy of your resume or CV even if you previously emailed a copy. It shows that you’re organized and prepared, and it’s less work for the interviewer.

Tip: Bring several copies in case you are being interviewed by more than one person.

3. Being too general and elusive

You have one shot to demonstrate your knowledge and skills — so be as specific as you can when answering questions. Don’t answer questions with “yes” or “no.” The interviewer shouldn’t have to feel as if he or she is carrying the conversation.

Tip: Review the projects you’re most proud of before heading into an interview. It’s easy to forget the details even if it’s your own work.

4. Having bad breath

Everyone suffers from dry mouth at the office.

Tip: Try to Chew a piece of gum and then remove it five minutes before the interview.It should clear your breath.

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5. Typos in your cover letter, CV, or résumé

Your command of written English — spelling, grammar, and punctuation — is a shorthand test of your intelligence, or at least of your ability to memorize the rules of the language. Typos make you look unintelligent, even though smart people make mistakes all the time.Your Interviewer will look at the typos or spelling in your CV to get a basic view of your level of intelligence.

Tip: Get someone else to edit your letter and CV before you send them in.

6. Not telling a good story about your own life

Who are you, what are you good at, and what do you want to do with your life? We want a quick, clear history of your life and career so far. At any company, communication is key. If you cannot communicate who you are quickly, you’re not getting the job.

Tip: Write it down beforehand and rehearse with a friend.

7. Being arrogant and over confident

Sure, we’re interested in hiring you. But that doesn’t mean you’re a rock star, and our company won’t collapse without you.Try to be confident yet simple and a bit flexible.

Tip: Just because you got the interview doesn’t mean you got the job. You still have to sell us.

8. Not knowing anything about the field you’re interviewing for

If you’re interviewing for a job that requires you to stay abreast of the technology industry, obviously we’re going to ask you what you think is so interesting about tech. So if your answer is “Er … ,” then we’re going to be less than impressed.Try to stay current with the trends in your chosen industry or field.

Tip: Prepare! Literally write some speaking points on a notepad before you arrive at the interview. It will help you in case you freeze.

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9. Wearing a T-shirt to a job interview

We get it. You’re young and cool. And we love your T-shirt, too.But except you are Mark Zukerberg or your father owns the company you are applying to, that T-shirt is a no-no! It will automatically disqualify you.

Tip: Make us feel as if you’re a safe bet by wearing a shirt and tie (men) or go conservative but stylish (women). It will make us feel you are Responsible.

10. Trying to negotiate your salary in the first meeting

We understand that you’re trying to make sure you aren’t wasting anyone’s time. But asking salary questions early marks you as someone on the ‘fast lane’. Be patient, let the salary questions come first from your interviewers.

Tip: Remember that this is a process. The further you get through the process, the more it shows we want to hire you, and the stronger your negotiating position eventually becomes.

11. Trying to impress us with your off-the-wall creativity

We’re looking for people who seem reliable and trustworthy. We’re not looking for ‘strange people’ who want to blow our minds. One job applicant began his speech with, “I am a chameleon …” You can tell It went downhill from there.How can you begin your speech with ”I am a chameleon…”

Tip: We want to be able to trust you. So behave and communicate in a way that feels reliable and trustworthy.

12. Being “low-energy”

Demonstrating the correct level of “energy” during a job interview is a tough call. You want to demonstrate that you’re a low-drama person — but not an introvert too. You’re happy to be here, but we don’t want you bouncing off the walls like a crazy person.

Tip: If we can see you’re excited at the idea of working for us, we’re more likely to get excited about the idea of giving you a job.

13. Men forgetting to shave/ Ladies forgetting to ‘attend’ to their hair

Beards and mustaches are fashionable on men right now, and many guys brought them along on their job interviews. But what looks good back in the 19th-century is no longer what obtains these days.Most times its not so great when you’re up close and personal with a prospective employer.Ladies must attend to their hair, check their nails and ensure their lipstick has just the right shade.

Tip: If you’re rocking facial hair, make sure it is impeccably groomed.

14. Making your CV three pages long when you have little or no experience

Don’t worry about your CV not looking full enough — that’s OK. We don’t have a lot of time to figure out what your job history is.Just make it look interesting and you might just get the job.

Tip: Less is more with résumés — we skim them for only about 30 seconds, anyway.