See ‘First take’ pictures of Biggest Plane ever built!

The biggest plane EVER built: Microsoft billionaire unveils huge ‘Stratolaunch’ aircraft with two cockpits and a wingspan longer than a FOOTBALL FIELD that is designed to launch satellites into orbit.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen unveiled the world’s largest aircraft on Wednesday.

The massive plane rolled out by Allen’s aerospace firm, Stratolaunch Systems, features the longest wingspan of any aircraft ever built, according to Popular Mechanics.

With a wingspan of 385 feet, the six-engine plane will be larger than Howard Hughes’ 1947 H-4 Hercules, known as the ‘Spruce Goose,’ and the Antonov An-225, a Soviet-era cargo plane originally built to transport the Buran space shuttle that is currently the world’s largest aircraft.

The Stratolaunch is an aircraft that is designed to carry rockets between its two fuselages.