SAD: Four minors slit 16-year-old’s throat for dating friend’s cousin

What is this World turning into?

Four minors have brutally murdered 16-year-old Jatin for refusing to call off his relationship with his friend’s cousin despite repeated threats in outer Delhi’s Kanjhawala on Friday police have said after arresting the juveniles.

Jatin was found with his throat slit in an abandoned house in Kanjhawala on Friday. He had been tied to a chair using wires and his mouth was taped.

The police on Sunday apprehended four boys, aged between 16 and 17, for the murder.

Explaining the reason for the brutal nature of the murder, Virendra Singh Meena, additional DCP (outer), said that the main killer could not digest that Jatin was in love with his cousin.

“It was around two months ago that one of the accused boys had learnt of the relationship between his sister and Jatin. He had threatened Jatin many times to part ways with his sister. He had even warned his sister, but the couple did not break up,” said Meena.

So, the girl’s 16-year-old brother roped in three of his juvenile friends and they allegedly planned to kill Jatin. They chose his abandoned house to execute the crime before they lured Jatin from a public park where he had gone for his usual evening jogging.

Hindustimes reports that once they reached the abandoned house, the five first had marijuana together, said Meena. They then verbally abused him and informed him that he was going to be killed for ignoring their warnings. Jatin pleaded with them to spare him, but they taped his mouth, tied him to a chair and slit his throat.

Leaving him there to bleed to death, the alleged killers visited a minor friend in the neighbourhood and told him about the murder. The boys wanted to escape and needed money. But the friend, who happened to be the son of an assistant sub-inspector, denied any help and told his father about the crime.

The policeman immediately informed the Kanjhawala police station about the murder after which a team reached the house. Jatin had already bled to death by then.

Since police already knew the identity of the killers, they approached the family members of the suspects. One of the killers contacted his family for help with their escape plan. That gave away his location and led to the apprehension of the four boys.