Revealed: Private jet caught in the wake of a superjumbo flipped on its back, ROLLED and plunged 10,000ft before miracle recovery

This incident happened on January 7, when an Bombardier Challenger 604 business jet (pictured) en route over the Arabian sea, about 630 nautical miles southeast of Muscat, Oman, flew about 1,000ft below an Emirates Airbus A380-800 flying from Dubai to Sydney in the opposite direction. The wake turbulence caused by the airbus was so powerful that about one minute after it passed by, G-force sent the Challenger, which was flying at 34,000 feet, into an uncontrolled roll that flipped the aircraft between three and five times. The near-disaster caused serious injuries on the small Challenger aircraft, which was carrying nine passengers and crew members. The aircraft, operated by German carrier MHS Aviation, was damaged beyond repair.

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