Real Reasons why you’re exhausted most of the time

Feelings of tiredness or exhaustion most times is something we cause for ourselves through our activity or inactivity.It creeps on us, sapping out all our energy and leaving us vulnerable, weak and unproductive.

Here are a few reasons why that happens:

Your diet is imbalanced:If you aren’t getting just enough nutrients—protein, iron, vitamins, greens,—you might begin to feel a little sluggish. Anemia is the perfect example of fatigue induced by a deficit of iron in the body. You need a variety of foods in your diet to keep you going. Subsisting, for instance, on protein bars is not balanced nutrition. Try smoothies or juices to fit a large amount of whole food nutrients into a small, tasty package.

You have depression or anxiety: Anxiety and depression can cause hormonal ‘havoc’ for all those feel-good hormones like dopamine and endorphins. Many people are well aware that depression can manifest as a lack of motivation or energy to do things. Meanwhile, suffering from a lot of stress or anxiety can lead to poor quality sleep, which means you’re getting enough sleep-in terms of hours, but it’s not restful sleep. It is important to consult a professional if these are your concern.

You’re constantly stressed at some level: If you are always on the go and never seem to make time out for quiet meditation or mindfulness, you are probably going to wipe yourself out to the point where not even a good night sleep feels like enough to reduce your exhaustion. And coffee can only serve as an exhaustion band-aid for so long. Eventually, even the strongest cold brew won’t be enough to ‘charge’ you up. It’s called adrenal fatigue. It is caused by chronic stress, over exercising, poor diet, too little sleep—essentially just general neglect of the body’s balance. It is believed to afflict a massive percentage of our population. Your adrenal glands are responsible for releasing around 50 different hormones, so problems with your adrenals can cause imbalance throughout the body. If you are concerned, contact a trusted professional to help you adjust your diet, lifestyle and stress levels so that you can allow your body to recuperate.

Your diet is inflammatory: When you’re eating a diet full of processed foods, cans or even foods you have sensitivities to, you are making things harder for your body. Inflammatory foods create more free radicals in the body, which do damage and make it more difficult for the cells to produce energy. Avoid the sugary, processed foods and start eating more greens and berries, they are sure to keep you active.

You’re not moving enough: If you live a sedentary lifestyle—you work at a desk, you watch a lot of television, movies etc and you rarely exercise—you may begin to feel more tired. Energy creates energy, so if you aren’t feeding your body any energy through movement then your body will pay you back with tiredness and sluggishness. Do yourself a favor and take a brisk walk outside every morning.It will do wonders to your body.

Of course, there is always the possibility you may have some other underlying condition, so it’s best to check in with your doctor if you have any concerns. Being exhausted, or even just a little fatigued, day after day is not normal. It is a sure sign that something is off in your body or something is slowly breaking down. Take that extra care, eat well, meditate, avoid caffeine. Give your body what it needs to become balanced and energized again and see your self at the top of each day!

Stay fit…..stay alive.

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