Only Child (from parents) most likely to Cheat on their Partners, another study finds.

Only Children have a reputation for being attention-seeking, selfish and spoiled, and new research findings isn’t going to help that situation by doing any favors to help ‘change’ their image.

According to a new study, only children are most likely to cheat on their partners, And middle children are the most faithful.

The research was carried out by Illicit Encounters, a dating website for married people looking to commit affairs.

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The site found that the majority of its users (34 per cent) are only children.

28 per cent of members are first-born children, and 23 per cent are youngest siblings.

And it’s good news for the often-neglected middle children, who are clearly the most faithful – just 15 per cent of the website’s users are middle siblings.

24 per cent of members also have step-siblings.

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Illicit Encounters propose that only children are most likely to cheat because they desire attention.

The site’s spokesperson, Christian Grant, says: “It’s well-known that an only child can experience the feeling of immense loneliness in their childhood, and that comes back to haunt them in their future relationships.

“Having been starved of attention for so long, it’s something that they find themselves in desperate need of. This manifests itself quite clearly when someone’s partner works long hours or travels frequently for work; the alone time for an only child just won’t do, so an affair is the perfect short-term solution.

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“On the other end of the scale, a middle child is surrounded by loving parents and siblings. They don’t grow up with the same need for love and affection, but they’re also more than comfortable during moments of isolation.

“Step-siblings, too, are negatively influenced by their childhood. Having seen their parents unable to remain happy with a single partner, it’s easy to see why they’re more susceptible to following suit.”

But this isn’t the first study to suggest only children are most likely to be unfaithful to their partners – a 2015 study of 43,000 people by Sitting Arrangement drew the same conclusion too.