Just ONE Glass of Wine a night could Prolong your Life…A new study says

A glass or two of wine every evening could cut your risk of developing various life-shortening diseases and illnesses by 25 per cent, a new study has found.

It claims that those who regularly consume moderate amounts of alcohol lessen the likelihood of early death and developing cardiovascular disease.

Naturally the study was quick to assert that heavy drinking is incredibly detrimental to our cardiovascular health and can increase the risk of early death over time.

A delicate balance exists between the beneficial and detrimental effects of alcohol consumption, which should be stressed to consumers and patients, the study’s lead author explained.

The research accounted for 333,247 participants between 1997 and 2009, during which time patients were regularly required to divulge details on their alcoholic consumption.

The study classified a “light drinker” as someone who consumed less than three drinks a week, whilst a male “moderate drinker” will have between three and 14 drinks each week. A female will have between three and seven. Anything above that is considered “heavy” by drinking standards.

The research found that male heavy drinkers were 25 per cent more likely to die early than those who drank more moderately. They were also 67 per cent more at risk of dying from cancer.

A glass of wine a night might also increase creativity, a similar study conducted in Austria found. Exploring the links between creativity and mild alcoholic consumption, the research published in Consciousness & Cognition by Dr Mathias Benedek revealed that a moderate amount of alcohol can enhance the brain’s ability to think laterally and consequently boost capabilities for creative activities such as writing.

So tonight, Just one glass of fine Wine will do.

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