Is your partner Cheating on you in your Relationship? Here are Simple Proven Ways to Find out…

Fact : “A woman’s intuition is very rarely wrong”

I hate to break this to you, but if you think your partner’s cheating on you, they probably are – especially if you’re a woman.Intuitions are seldom wrong or totally out of place.

It’s been proven that 85 per cent of women who think their partner is being unfaithful are right, whereas only 50 per cent of men’s suspicions are correct.No wonder the phrase “A woman’s intuition is very rarely wrong.” came to be.

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Most times when a woman comes to you and says she suspects or has this ‘feeling” that her man is cheating on her,she already knows….She only just needs proof.

“They always want to believe their husbands, but they know and they need proof. Proof will get them what they need – evidence. A condom, undergarments, text message or whatever.the husband can always deny and say it belongs to a friend. But pictures, or video (if you have) won’t lie.”

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So if you’re suspicious, how then can you catch a cheating partner?

You should Try to look out for these clues:

  • More nights out with friends
  • More – and sudden – time away from home
  • A sudden lack of interest in sex (with you)
  • Whispering on the phone
  • You’ve been blocked or they’ve changed the passwords for their computer or phone
  • A constantly clear internet history
  • Coming home late more often
  • The smell of perfume (one you know you both don’t have or share)
  • Unexplained payment receipts
  • Unable to give full account of how he spent his day and where (missing in-between hours)

This list is in no way exhaustive but they can serve as a guide.

With this,You then need to work out if a pattern has emerged – does your partner suddenly always have to walk out of the room to answer a call? Has his life suddenly become secretive? Does he suddenly get angry with you for no reason?

If your partner has done the same things or ‘maintained’ his NEW character for three or four consecutive weeks ( which is not his usual self or routine), chances are that he or she is cheating on you.

So whilst you don’t want to feel unnecessarily paranoid, at least you now know what to look out for.