Is the ROCK ‘Dwayne Johnson’ going for Presidency?

No Joke, The Rock Leads Donald Trump In New Poll For 2020 Election.

The White House is about to get “Rocked.”

We finally know what the Rock is cooking: a presidential run.

It’s easy to laugh or raise a quizzical People’s Eyebrow when hearing Dwayne Johnson told GQ that running for president is “a real possibility.” Now, it seems like President Rock could become a reality.

As reported by various outlets, according to a new national poll from Public Policy Polling looking at the 2020 Election, if Johnson (yes, that same guy you saw redirecting a torpedo in “Fate of the Furious”) ran as a Democrat, he’d lead Donald Trump. And not by a little.

Public Policy Polling recaps:

Johnson would lead Trump 42/37 in a prospective contest, and wins over 15% of people who supported Trump last fall.

No, that’s right, Donald. We’re just telling you what the poll says.

Looking further into the data:

36% of voters see Johnson favorably to 13% with a negative view of him, although 50% of voters have no opinion about him either way. Both Democrats (38/15) and Republicans (31/17) see him positively.

Yep. According to these numbers, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has the potential to win a presidential race.

The road to “rock” the White House wouldn’t be easy. If he does run as a Democrat (and that’s a big if since Johnson didn’t endorse either candidate in the last election), the actor could be looking at a crowded ticket.

Our only question now is what kind of president he would be. Would it be the fun, hilarious Rock that we’ve come to know and love? Or would it be more like his “SNL” character President The Rock Obama?

We may actually find out in 2020.