‘I feel like Wonder Woman when I give birth’: Actress Gal Gadot reveals the pain of childbirth helped her bring the iconic superhero to life.

She’s the Israeli-born actress who has been tasked with bringing Wonder Woman to the big screen.

And Gal Gadot has revealed that while she found the intense training required to give life to the superhero and her alter-ego Diana Prince, exhilarating, it was the experience of giving birth that truly made her feel like a superhero.

 ‘It’s cheesy, but I feel like Wonder Woman when I give birth,’ she told news.com. ‘When you deliver, you feel like you’re a god. Like ‘Oh my God, I made this.’

However, it wasn’t just the pain of childbirth that was required to prepare for the role.

The former Miss Israel admitted to the publication that she enjoyed the weapon training and the fight training as she served two years in the Israeli army and her 12 years as a dancer prepared her for the choreography required for the fight scenes.

However, there was one aspect of her training regiment that didn’t sit too well with the star – horse riding.

‘I also thought I was going to love horse riding because it always looked as if it’d be so easy,’ she said. ‘It’s not. It was super painful and I had tons of bruises.’

Speaking to The Herald Sun on Saturday, Gal revealed that she was shocked when she learned the  iconic DC Comics character’s ‘origin story’ had never been explored in silver screen format.


‘It’s crazy that this iconic character has been around for 75 years but we never got to see her origin story,’ she said.

‘It’s weird. Boys growing up with Superman, Batman and Spiderman and others to look up to, but we didn’t really have a strong female figure.

While Gal portrayed the iconic character in 2016’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the  Wonder Woman film will be the first time she is centre stage.

She will also reprise the role in the forthcoming Justice  League film slated for release later this year.



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