How Sweet!!! Childhood friends who met the day after being born marry each other 30 years later.

Indeed! The concept of love at first sight might be cliché, but it really was the case for Jemma and Daniel Langley, who met a day after being born and, 30 years later, are now married and expecting their first child.

The Melbourne-based couple were introduced as newborns by their mothers, who went into labor at the same time and were placed in beds next to each other at William Angliss Hospital in Upper Ferntree Gully, Victoria in 1989.

The women developed a close bond and decided to introduce their children to one another right away, leading them to become good friends as they got older.

But with each family living in different parts of Victoria, Jemma’s in Emerald and Daniel’s in Monbulk, the children lost touch by the age of nine.

It wasn’t until 2013, when they were both 24 years old, that the two rekindled their friendship after Jemma came across the Facebook page of a hairdresser that appeared to belong to Daniel’s sister, Rhiannon.

“I started following her and not long after decided to track Daniel down on Facebook. We started chatting for a while over Messenger,” she tells Mail Online.

She then booked an appointment at Rhiannon’s salon, which was located at her family home, where Daniel was living at the time.

Midway through getting her hair colored, Daniel came into the room to say hello. They started chatting and arranged to go out together one evening.

“From then we couldn’t get enough of seeing each other,” Jemma adds, recalling how the two became an official couple on Mother’s Day in 2014.

They got engaged two years later – Daniel proposed at a New Year’s Eve party – and tied the knot in April 2017 at a ceremony in Mont Du Soleil in Kallista, Victoria.

The couple are expecting their first child in March 2019.

“Everyone thinks our story is so crazy,” Jemma adds, “I think we were meant to be together.”

So beautiful…Just magic!

credit : The Independent.

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