‘His endgame was fame’: Mariah Carey, 46, and Bryan Tanaka, 33, ‘SPLIT following his insane jealousy over her relationship with Nick Cannon… as she grew tired of footing the bill for his lavish sprees’

Mariah Carey and backing dancer Bryan Tanaka have reportedly split over his issues with jealousy and her tiring of funding his lavish shopping sprees.

According to TMZ, the pair have mutually gone their separate ways after a five-month romance, which occurred shortly after her split from former fiancé James Packer.

Sources told the site 33-year-old Bryan struggled with Mariah‘s close relationship with her ex husband Nick Cannon, who she holidays with.

They said: ‘The last straw came at the Kids’ Choice Awards last month, when Nick and Mariah took the twins. We’re told Bryan felt the display “disrespected” him and during the event he demanded she came home.’

Ex Husband Nick Cannon, Mariah and their five year old twins

Moreover, Mariah, 46, reportedly tired of footing the bills for Bryan’s designer clothing, watches and chains.

She is said to have felt that Bryan jumped in after she split from Packer and his endgame was fame.

Mariah shares five-year-old twins with ex-husband Nick Cannon, whom she wed in 2008, but later split in 2014.

She moved on to billionaire James Packer, whom she announced an engagement in 2016 and then soon called it off.

former fiancé James Packer (pictured together with Mariah in May 2016)

But she wasn’t alone for long. Just four months after the split she officially confirmed in February that she was dating her backup dancer Bryan, who is 13 years her junior.