Heart Breaking! See the ‘Horrifying’ thing this Father of one did to his wife!

Kader K (top right)., 28, sustained serious injuries as she was dragged over the asphalt and old cobblestones of the German town of Hamelin from behind a car driven by Nurettin B (bottom right). Their son Cudi watched screaming as he witnessed his mother’s ordeal through the back window. The court heard Kader K. was only saved when the rope snapped outside a fast-food restaurant in the town and passers-by rushed to her aid. She lay in a coma for weeks (left) after the brutal attack in November last year but was fit enough to appear to Hanover State Court to see her ex stand trial for attempted murder.

A woman whose estranged husband dragged her behind his car at high speed has spoken in court of his long-term abuse.
The 29-year-old woman named only as Kader K. addressed a German court at her former husbandís sentencing hearing after he pleaded guilty.
The 39-year-old known only as Nurretin B. had tied her to the back of his VW Passat car with a dog lead and dragged her through the town of Hammelin in the north-western German state of Lower Saxony.
She suffered serious injuries as she was dragged around the streets for around 800 feet (244 metres) at high speed after being stabbed twice.


Kader K. was only released from hospital six weeks ago. She has suffered brain damage and will need years of constant therapy

Now six months after the attack and after spending some time in a coma, she has made a remarkable recovery and is well enough to testify in court.
She told the court that her relationship with her husband quickly soured after the wedding.
She said: “After the wedding the whole horror began. I could not go back any more!”
She said she “felt like a slave” and “was insulted, threatened and spat at”.
Her husband behaved like a “pasha”, she said, referring to the high-ranking military officials of the Ottoman Empire, in that he held tremendous power over her.
She was not allowed visitors and he took away her mobile phone.
Although she has few memories of the actual attack, she told the court her marriage up until then was miserable but that she had hoped the birth of their son might improve it.
But she said: “It only got worse and worse.”
After two years, she left him and took their son with her.
They frequently argued about custody, and on 20th November 2016 the horrific assault took place.
Their son Cudi, now three, is a joint plaintiff in the hearing as he was in the Passat as it dragged his mother.


Nurettin ., 39, who is a German citizen, is said to have routinely beat and abused Kader when they were together, and relations remained strained whenever they met to discuss Cudi’s upbringing and maintenance payments. He is pictured in court with police.

Prosecution lawyer Raban Funk said of Cudi: “He had to live through the gruesome crime in the car. Thus his psychological development has been seriously damaged.”
Kader K. still suffers from nightmares.
She said in her dreams: “The offender runs behind me with knife, axe and rope. I run, I run, I scream, sometimes it snows, sometimes it rains or itís dark. Eventually I fall, I wake up screaming.”
At the beginning of the trial Nurretin B. confessed to committing the crime, saying that he “never would have thought he was capable of such an act.”