‘He told me he was separated!’ Mistress of love cheat, 23, whose infidelity was exposed after his fatal 101mph drink-drive smash says she didn’t know he was still with his wife

  • Father-of-two Kadeel Newby died in hospital after losing control of his Toyota 
  • He was driving mistress Natasha Gregson, 21, home from a date in Manchester
  • Ms Gregson said the father-of-two told her he and his wife were estranged 
  • She only found out the truth when she woke up in hospital after the crash
  • Mr Newby’s wife Korette only discovered the affair after her husband was killed  

The mistress of a cheating husband whose infidelity was only exposed after he died in a 101mph drink-drive crash said she had no idea he had still been with his wife.

Kadeel Newby, 23, was driving Natasha Gregson home after a date in Manchester when he spiralled the vehicle out of control and suffered fatal injuries.

But it was only when Miss Gregson woke up in hospital – where she was also treated for injuries – that she found out Mr Newby was still in a relationship with his wife.

At the same time, Mr Newby’s wife Korette was dealt the devastating blow that her husband had been cheating on her with Miss Gregson at the time of his death.

At an inquest into his death, Miss Gregson, 21 – who was not at the hearing at Mrs Newby’s request – said in a statement that she believed Mr and Mrs Newby were estranged.

She added: ‘I was told that he was married but I didn’t know that.

‘He had told me he was separated from his ex and had been for about five months and had two children. I don’t normally go for guys with children.’

Despite the revelations, Mrs Newby, 26, told the hearing that her husband’s behaviour had been completely out of character.

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