Four (4) Fatal Mistakes We Make When Dating!

Dating can be tricky, exhausting, and painful sometimes. Dating is hard, and most of us understand it as navigating through life to find the right one which in itself can seem endless and fruitless most times.
No one teaches you how to be in a relationship, and for the most part we learn by making mistakes. Rarely does dating meet our emotional expectations and we constantly make errors like inflating our ego, playing games, talking about past relationships and rushing into other relationships, although sometimes these can be remedied. However, there are issues that cannot be taken lightly.They are fatal and can cause serious emotional distress.they include cheating, lying, or acts of serious selfishness.

Here are 4 fatal mistakes we constantly make :

Not Getting to Know Each Other

People who rush into relationships and intimacy take a gamble. You need to have gone on one or two dates to decide if they are worth pursuing. To have a healthy relationship takes time and an investment of spending time together is essential to getting to know the other person pretty well. Let your emotions take the back seat and let your senses kick in for starts. This could open up the other person and help you see the world from his perspective.don’t just rush in, give it time and observe.

Not Being Honest

Are you being honest about your expectations and needs?Do you tell it just the way that it is? If not, this can harm your relationship before it even gets off the ground. For a mature relationship to grow you need to directly communicate what you want, how you want it and when you want it.
If you know you want your relationship to stand the test of time, be honest with your date before feelings begin to develop.

For a relationship that is just starting ‘Honesty’ should form the basics of its foundation.More often than not we tend to play down on it and accept or believe all we are told on the first date.we choose what we want to hear and how we want to hear it and later on we wonder why our lives are a total wreck.

Talking About your Ex

Nothing kills a relationship faster than being stuck between the past and the future. Do not get involved with anyone unless you know for sure you are done with your ex. people make that mistake of talking too much about their exes while on dates with a prospective lover.Comparison is fair but i strongly feel that should be done in your mind. openly talking about your ex (whether praising or criticizing her) will only suggest to your new partner that you don’t respect her presence and will most certainly talk about her the same way someday should you break up along the way.If you must mention your ex,do keep it concise and respect the moment.

Being Selfish

Are you the one putting up the red flags of selfishness? Do you repeatedly avoid calls, and just communicate only when you want something? Are you planning to date her for purely selfish reasons? Being selfish in relationship could end a relationship almost as fast as it can start one.Young lovers most times do not understand the concept of selflessness in relationship and hence do not know exactly where to draw the line or give it all.this is a trait young folks exhibit most times while dating.