Evil Father who abused his own daughter for two whole decades is jailed!

A sick father who abused his daughter for 20 years was finally jailed after she secretly filmed him on her mobile boasting about his crimes on Christmas Day. Raymond Prescott (left), 54, told his daughter: ‘The best sex I have ever had in my life is with you.’ He first attacked Layla Bell (right), 31, when she was just seven years old, telling her: ‘It’s our little secret’. Ms Bell (inset aged six), from Nottingham, said her ‘Jekyl and Hyde’ father would suddenly turn from her ‘best friend’ to a ‘sexual predator’.

He would brazenly grope her while screaming: “I’m having sex with my own daughter”. When she spoke out to police in 2001 she claims relatives called her a “gobby b****” and she withdrew charges. But after Prescott tried to attack her in December 2012, brave Layla set a trap and secretly recorded her devil dad confessing to his sickening crimes. In the chilling clip, landscape gardener Prescott told his disgusted daughter: “I can’t have sex with anyone else and enjoy it, so I want to have sex with you.” After securing enough evidence, Layla passed it onto police and Prescott, of Clifton, Nottingham, was charged with five counts of rape. He initially denied the charges but was caged last May after being convicted at Nottingham Crown Court.