Essential Tips For Hiring The Right Employee

Ever heard the saying “the staff is the company”? Well it’s so true. Have you ever wondered what makes big companies (the likes of Walmart, Exxon Mobil, Toyota, Apple, etc) grow so big and large to the point they can stand the test of time anywhere and anytime? It’s not because the founders are so rich that they kept on pumping millions into the business to keep it from sinking in this competitive world, but it’s because they have the right staff and they treat the staff right.

Your business has the best chance of success if you hire the right people to work for you and with you. Skilled, enthusiastic and flexible staff will help your business run and grow smoothly. However, employee recruitment is as stressful as motivating your staff, because you will constantly be judged on your selection, and you obviously cannot please everybody in your organization.

So how do you hire the right employees you may ask? There are certain rules that you can use to hire the right employee for your business every time:

  1. Consider Your Culture:

Every company has a culture, a way of approaching business, a way of thinking and operating that’s unique to them. They are known as policies and procedures.This affects the way your business operates and the way it’s seen by customers or clients.

You, as a business owner or founder, have a big influence on your company’s culture, but so do the people you hire. Think of these few points before you start hiring: What is your company culture now?What do you want your culture to be?Do you want to hire someone who will fit into your company culture?Would you consider hiring someone who might challenge your company culture in a positive way? How will you define your culture in words when you’re recruiting? How will you evaluate an individual’s suitability to your company culture?

Good culture involves helping your staff develop as individuals and also part of their team.

2. Consider Your Company/Business Fit:

As a business owner or founder, you are in the right position to determine what best fits your company/business. For example, a cinema business majorly needs young, smart and vibrant presentable movie lovers as their staff. It is left for you to think about where you expect your business to be at various stages over the next couple of years, and how many or what type of employees you’ll need in order to get there. For each new vacancy, consider the following points:

  1. Make lists of the tasks you want each new employee to take on.
  2. Hire people with complementary skills.
  3. Look at the market rates and offer a suitably competitive salary within your budget and be clear about what you can afford.
  4. Decide if you want a part-time or full-time employee and also if the employee should have prior experience on the job or not.

3. Plan your Hiring Strategy

You could use a recruitment agency to try to find candidates. With their wide reach they can locate people who otherwise might not have heard about the role, but they usually charge quite a lot. For an important management-level position this might be worthwhile, however you can make use of these other options: LinkedIn account, advertise on job websites, use your social media accounts to announce that you’re hiring, ask your business partners and clients, talk to local business agencies, add a “we are hiring!” Link to your website and email signatures.

4. Pre-Screen Candidates

The most important reason to pre-screen candidates when hiring an employee is to save the interviewing and selection committee time. While a candidate may look good on paper, a pre-screening interview will tell you if their qualifications are truly a fit with your job.Additionally, in a pre-screening interview, you can determine whether their salary expectations are congruent with your job. A skilled telephone interviewer will also obtain evidence about whether the candidate may fit within your culture – or not.

5. Look for Someone With a Commitment to Their Career and Shares Your Vision

As a business owner, founder or Human Resource Manager, your vision for your company affects everything. It’s part of your job to find and hire employees who will share that vision and take your business forward. A person committed to his or her career is the candidate you want to hire. You don’t want to hire an employee who switches careers or jobs frequently, just to get a higher salary. If a candidate is not loyal to any company, hiring this person could definitely be a problem for your business as he/she will soon get tired of the salary he will get from you.Always check the candidate’s previous job duration and if he or she is switching jobs constantly, this is definitely not the right person for the job.

6. Test for Excellent Learning and Analytical Skills

Try to use different methodologies to assess the learning and analytical skills of your candidates. Testing candidates might be tricky, but don’t evaluate candidates merely on the basis of their resume and their confidence because a resume can contain lies. A candidate with confidence is great, but what you really want is a candidate that has the right skills and educational requirements.

7. Check Compatibility

You want to find an employee that will fit in with your company’s culture. Check whether the candidate has social skills to get along with others, especially with current employees and managers. Ask how he or she is managing current business clients to judge compatibility skills.

Remember, willingness is one of the primary things a candidate must possess to work with you. If a person cannot get along with his or her current clients or previous bosses, it’s not such a great idea to hire that candidate.

8. Get social with the Candidates

Asking personal questions won’t get you anywhere, and could be awkward and uncomfortable for both parties. Rather, you or your human resources team should be analyzing the candidates’ presence on social media. This can be a great strategy, especially if you want to hire employees for tech businesses. You’ll be surprised what you can find out about a candidate by researching their social presence.

Hiring the right Employee could make All the difference between taking your company to its next desired level and Struggling to keep the firms head above water.

Hire right!