Elephant snatches bananas from Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip

Elephants may be scared of mice, but they don’t seem to be star-struck by royalty.

Queen Elizabeth, 90, and Prince Philip, 95, visited a new elephant center at the Whipsnade Zoo in Dunstable, Britain — about an hour northwest of London.

The queen and duke of Edinburgh took part in the opening celebration of the $2.5 million Centre for Elephant Care.

The queen, donning a lavender suit with a matching hat, seemed delighted to meet the Asian elephants, one of whom is named after her.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip fed bananas to a 7-year-old elephant named Donna. As seen in the video, Donna gladly plucked the bananas right out of their hands. Prince Philip chuckled as Queen Elizabeth calmly put her glove back on her hand.

The center officially opens to the public on Wednesday.