Don’t Have Oral Sex while Pregnant…Some Experts have warned

It’s bad news for expecting couples, as experts reveal that there could be severe consequences for women who have oral sex whilst pregnant.

Due to their compromised immune system, pregnant women are at a greater risk of contracting STIs, particularly in their third trimester.

The biggest risks become apparent if the expecting mother or her partner contracts genital herpes, a nurse practitioner and author of The Good News About The Bad News: Herpes: Everything You Need to Know told Vice.

If an expecting mother contracts the disease whilst pregnant, the baby has a 50 per cent chance of being born with it, she explained.

However, the risks are reduced with babies born by ceasarian section (CS), obstetrician Natalie Greenwold explained.

“If they are born through vaginal delivery and the mother has contracted herpes, it is far more dangerous for the unborn child, who will likely enter the world with an STI,” she told The Independent.

There is even a possibility of infant death if there is further infection at birth.

Thus, for mothers who do have an STI a ceasarian birth is the far safer method of delivery.

STIs can be transmitted even if a condom is worn, therefore, the safest way to avoid infection of the pregnant mother is to abstain from engaging in oral sex all together, STI experts advise.

The amount of information regarding safe sex for pregnant women is limited, with some arguing that it comes down to the stigmatisation that expecting mothers are not sexually active.

Doctors are urging expecting partners to seek help regarding the practice of safe sex from the outset, to ensure that both parents are fully aware of the possible dangers and can subsequently take the necessary precautions.