‘Don’t go to bed angry’: Widow’s heartbreaking warning to couples after she banished her husband to the sofa in serious argument over him working over 16-hours a day… only to wake up and find him dead

Ashley Murrell, from Somerset, had a heated argument with her husband Mikey, 36, when he returned home late from a 16 hour shift as she was worried he was running himself into the ground. The couple failed to resolve the argument before bed and Mrs Murrell told her husband to sleep on the sofa. However when the beauty therapist woke up the next morning she discovered her husband had died. She later learned her husband, who worked as a carpet cleaner, had been working extra hours to save money to take her to Prague for their anniversary on July 3.


Never ever go to bed angry,upset or bitter with your spouse. You are married, single or in a relationship, it doesn’t really matter.what matters is you just don’t call it a night without resolving that very issue or misunderstanding that got you both hanging on each others throat.No one, absolutely nobody knows what tomorrow will bring and what will hurt you or tear you apart literally is knowing you will never get that chance to fully express your self or say ‘you are sorry’ to that person you hurt.You will feel even worse knowing the last communication or memory you both shared was one riddled with arguments, hate words, controversies and disappointments.

Strive to resolve every issue on time, every time. Feed your love not your Ego.