Dog Rescued After Having Jar Stuck On His Head For Days

A dog with a jar stuck on his head was rescued after not being able to eat for days.

The 1-year-old Pitbull terrier mix, who has been nicknamed “Pickle,” was spotted walking down the street in Fort Worth alone last week, but now he’s recovering at a local animal shelter.

Neighbors called police when they saw the pup wandering with an empty plastic cheese ball container on his head.

“He was very fast and didn’t want anyone to get near him,” Staci Szybowicz, who first saw the dog, told WFAA. “He had to have been hungry, had to have been trying to fish something out of the bottom of it.”

Szybowicz called police who said they had spotted the dog days earlier.

Thankfully after several attempts, animal control was able to get the jar off Pickle’s head.

He’s being treated at the shelter for medical issues, according to the City of Fort  Worth Animal Shelter.

“We’re so happy he’s with us,” a spokesperson for the shelter wrote on social media.

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