• Google has revealed the 10 most common questions about sex users search for
  • ‘Where is the G-spot?’ is the most regularly searched query 
  • People also google how to get rid of STDs and how to make a woman orgasm
  • G-spot is located 5-8cm above the opening to the vagina on the anterior wall

The beauty of the internet is that you can always turn to google with a question you’re too embarrassed to discuss with friends.

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Dating can be tricky, exhausting, and painful sometimes. Dating is hard, and most of us understand it as navigating through life to find the right one which in itself can seem endless and fruitless most times. No one teaches you how to be in a relationship, and for the most part we learn by making mistakes. Rarely does dating meet our emotional expectations and we constantly make errors like inflating our ego, playing games, talking about past relationships and rushing into other relationships, although sometimes these can be remedied. However, there are issues that cannot be taken lightly.They are fatal and can cause serious emotional distress.they include cheating, lying, or acts of serious selfishness.

Not Getting to Know Each Other

People who rush into relationships and intimacy

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