British grandmother, 72, is heartbroken after Nigerian toyboy, 27, who she married three months after he added her on Facebook is refused a UK visa after she spent £20,000 on wedding and flights

Angela Neate and Nigerian Husband Nwachukwu

Would you believe this?

Angela Nwachukwu, 72, from Dorset, married her husband CJ Nwachukwu in Nigeria, in April 2015, just three months after he had added her on Facebook and struck up a conversation. She says she couldn’t help but fall for her 27-year-old lover from Nigeria, when they started talking, and is devastated that their applications for visas have failed. Mr Nwachukwu has even been denied a tourist visa to see his wife, and their applications have been turned down because it’s thought they won’t have financial backing. She spent her life savings of £20,000 travelling to see him and hiring lawyers to help with the applications but says he has paid her back.

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