Atlanta couple who met on Twitter have Twitter-themed wedding

An Atlanta couple who met on Twitter decided to have a Twitter-themed ceremony during three days of wedding festivities.

Sumita Dalmia met her future groom back in 2013 after she reached out to Anuj Patel on Twitter.

“I wanted to attend a local event at the zoo, but tickets were sold out so I decided to search Twitter,” she told ABC News of their first encounter. “When I came across Anuj’s tweet stating he had an extra ticket [to Jazzoo Atlanta], I didn’t think much of it.”

Dalmia, 28, added that she “just reached out to him asking if I could have it, but then his profile caught my attention … Before we knew it, we were exchanging almost 75 emails in the first day of chatting!”

The couple got engaged two years later on December 19, 2015. Of course, Patel, 27, proposed on Twitter, and it went viral.

When the tweet-hearts wed last November at the Marriott Evergreen Resort in Atlanta in front of approximately 450 guests, they decided to use their favorite social network as a theme in the festivities, which included six wedding events over three days.

Photos of their wedding have recently gotten attention online.

“Twitter is an integral part of our relationship,” Dalmia noted. “We wanted our wedding guests to experience our love story and understand why it is so important to our relationship. Plus, you can’t deny that the little blue birds add a nice touch.”

Along with having a customized wedding hashtag — #TweetHearts2016 — the couple also had graphic designers add the Twitter logo to their seating charts and welcome bags.

They also had blue-hued specialty cocktails, a cake topper and a SnapChat filter that was a nod to Twitter.

Dalmia said her wedding guests “absolutely loved it.”

The two haven’t gone on a honeymoon just yet, deciding instead to save for a house first. Still, they plan to trek to Hawaii when the time is right.

“We are looking forward to just building a life together and starting a family,” Dalmia added.