A Wife Killed Her Husband For The Insurance Money, But The Ex-Wife Received The Payout

Nothing  is more scary than having your own husband killed so you can collect his insurance money to pay down your own debt.

Uloma Curry-Walker was found guilty Friday (July 7) of aggravated murder, felonious assault and conspiracy in the Nov. 23, 2013 killing of Cleveland veteran firefighter William Walker with whom she was married to for only four months.

The Jurors deliberated for a mere two hours before returning the guilty verdict. According to prosecutors, Curry-Walker her then 17-year-old daughter, her daughter’s boyfriend and two other men were all involved in the treacherous plot.

During the trial, Curry-Walker’s daughter said her mother first brought up the idea to kill Walker during a car ride and testified “No one would believe I would hire a bunch of kids to kill someone when I know people that could.”

Per reports, Curry-Walker paid Chad Padgett a $1,000 down payment to kill Walker and promised another $9,000 once the job was done. Padgett, now 23, agreed and then contacted to his cousin Chris Hein. Hein, 24, initially agreed but backed out, prosecutors said. Hein then reached out to Ryan Dorty who agreed to kill walker for less than a grand.

“He came in and testified that he did it for $800 without hesitation,” Robert Dixon, Curry Walker’s attorney said. “He just seemed matter-of-fact about it. It was just a job.”

On the night in question, Walker returned home and had a McDonald’s bag in his hand when he was ambushed and shot four times by a 9mm gun. Curry-Walker rode with him to the ambulance where he later died.

“There was one person who wanted William Walker dead and it was Uloma Curry-Walker,” Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Blaise Thomas told jurors. “And she paid these young people and ruined their lives to accomplish her criminal purpose.”

Dorty pled guilty to aggravated murder, Hein pled guilty to aggravated murder and conspiracy and Padgett pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and conspiracy. In exchange for their pleas, the young men will reportedly serve 23 years to life, 18 years to life and 28 years to life respectively.

But this is where things get interesting: Walker was married prior and never changed the name of the beneficiary on his life insurance policy, so his ex-wife will be the one to inherit $100,000 plus his city pension.

The poetry of it all i must say.