A roller coaster got stuck on the tracks at Six Flags, making all your amusement park nightmares come true

For those of you who are already scared of roller coasters, please look away now. Because a group of people got stuck on a roller coaster in Six Flags. Luckily, the unfortunate passengers stalled on a horizontal part of the Joker’s Jinx coaster.Like, even if you like roller coasters, is there any more horrifying thought than grinding to a screeching halt while upside down?

Riders were one hundred feet off the ground when the fire department arrived to help them out.

However, the park reported that nobody was particularly distressed or ill.

But what a way to address the fact that people were trapped on a WILD’ roller coaster. Furthermore, it took almost four hours to remove the riders from the stalled coaster beginning with the children.

Additionally, the whole thing was recorded and posted on social media.Which is good for accountability, we guess. But also kind of makes us never want to go to an amusement park ever again.

Apparently, a similar incident occurred with the exact same roller coaster in 2014. So maybe skip this particular ride during your next trip.



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