14-Year-Old Dies After Being Pinned Under Log at Beach While Snapping Pictures With Friends

The 14 year old inset

A 14-year-old teen was killed while snapping pictures with friends at an Oregon beach after a 30-foot log rolled on top of her.

Aurora Sheffel was at a beach with friends in Bandon during a heavy receding tide Saturday when a wave overtook the group and the log she was standing on moved over her, according to her friends.

Bystanders quickly rushed to the ninth grader’s side, and after several attempts, were able to remove her from beneath the log.

Aurora was rushed to the hospital but later died. Her family believes the log may have broken the teen’s neck.

Family and friends disputed various reports that the teen was taking a selfie prior to her death.

Aurora’s final moments were captured in photos taken by one of her friends.

“Her friend Maddie gave us the pictures,” David Wederquist, Aurora’s stepfather, told InsideEdition.com. “You can see in the picture the wave coming.”

Her family said they’ve found solace in knowing that she was enjoying herself with friends before she passed.

“It’s comforting to be able to look at that and to just see that right up to the end she was just being who she was and she was having fun,” Aurora’s dad, Chris Hendricks told InsideEdition.com. “You can just see the free spirit that she is in her last pictures.”

Aurora, a straight-A student, was a varsity cheerleader at her high school as well as a great big sister to her five siblings, her family said.

“She was so kind and so generous and she would always have a smile for you,” Hendricks said. “She was light and she was warm. Our biggest thing too for the littlest ones is to make sure that they never forget her.”


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